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Tips For Playing Pickleball

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Outside of the award-winning Torreon golf course, there are endless activities and amenities for members and guests here at Torreon. One of the most exciting and challenging is the game of pickleball.

Combining elements of tennis, ping-pong, badminton and racquetball, this sport is bringing together people of all ages for family fun at our recreation courts. You can play this game on any tennis court, all it takes is a pickleball set with balls and rackets, and of course, a net! 

It doesn’t take long to acquaint yourself with the rules and skills of the game, but the more time you give, the better results you’ll have. Ask one of our guest service members for pickleball equipment, then make your way to the courts. As you begin learning the game, keep these simple rules in mind: 

  1. Always be in Ready Position with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent slightly. Keep weight on the balls of your feet, not your heels. Relax the upper body while keeping your arms and paddle out in front of your body and pointing slightly up. 
  2. Learn How to Dink Early On. A dink shot is a soft and short drop shot that starts from near the non-volley line, goes over the net and then drops into the opposing non-volley zone. ​ It’s like a short drop shot in tennis. The dink is a key part of the slow game in pickleball. 
  3. Perfect Your “Third Shot.” The third shot of any point is also the serving team’s second shot of the point. The third shot on every pickleball point can be critical and often sets the tone for the entire point. It can be a great advantage for the serving team to transition to net and take control of the slow game. To set up the third shot, get in ready position and be ready for either forehand or backhand return. Don’t approach the non-volley zone on every third shot.  It’s easy to get in the habit of rushing to the net on these, but the conditions must be right. 
  4. Communicate with Your Partner. You and your partner need to be coordinated and communicate with each other. It’s an often overlooked skill that’s very key.
  5. Keep Out Of “No-Man’s Land.” Your strongest offensive position in pickleball is at the net, with both you and your partner at the “no-volley” line. Both of you move just behind the line to return the volley. Be ready to quickly pivot from side to side. It may feel ​intimidating, but don’t go for a false sense of comfort by playing at mid-court, which is the weakest spot to be in. 

Remember, as with other sports, patience and effort will win points. Jump in and get started and soon you won’t be able to leave the pickleball courts! 
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