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8 Tips to Winterize your Torreon Home

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By Linda Cedarblade, designated broker for Torreon Realty

Need some tips on how to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter months at Torreon in Show Low, Arizona? Our southwestern, mid-elevation mountain community enjoys four distinct seasons, with cool summers, and relatively mild winters. Winter begins in late November through February when daily high temperatures will hover from the high 40s to low 50s with some seasonal variation in monthly snowfall.  

You can save on energy bills during the winter months by following the winterizing tips below. These tips will help protect your home from damage that can lead to costly repairs. 

  1. Service your Furnace – Have your furnace serviced fall and spring by a local HVAC company to keep you high and dry. 
  2. Change the Filters – Change the filter in your furnace it at monthly intervals throughout the cold season. Set your digital calendar to remind you to replace it every month throughout the cold season. 
  3. Inspect your Gutters – Take the time to clean them out clogged gutters. They can cause water that is blocked to freeze and seep into your home. Make sure that your downspouts are carrying the water away and not toward your house. 
  4. Repair Drafts – Sealing up electrical outlets, door frames, windows, and recessed lighting areas. They typically tend to be drafty and sealing up these areas can save on your energy bill. Use a wet hand, or incense, to move over the areas to spot potential leaks. 
  5. Check your Insulation – Inspect your attic. Attics require 12 inches of insulation and moisture problems can occur if your insulation has backing paper. 
  6. Check for any Exposed Pipes Outside –Insulate your pipes from the cold. Make sure any drip systems are drained and water spickets are off.  
  7. Vacation Mode – Don’t turn your furnace off it you will be away for an extended period of time. Set it at 50 degrees, to let it keep your home at a steady temperature no matter what the weather brings. Set your water heater to vacation or away mode. 
  8. Check your Smoke Alarm – Don’t forget to make sure that your smoke alarms are all working, and replace the batteries as needed. Also, make sure that you have a functioning fire extinguisher as well. 

Wishing our members a delightful Arizona winter. 

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