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7 Spots to Keep Cool in the White Mountains of Arizona

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Torreon Golf Club in Show Low is a mid-elevation mountain community in east central Arizona that enjoys four distinct seasons, with cool summers and relatively mild winters. In addition to having two of the finest mountain golf courses in Arizona, Torreon Golf Club has several indoor and outdoor spots community members can visit to beat the heat during the warmer summer afternoons.

The Torreon Clubhouse

  • Fitness Center: Residents can catch up on their fitness with a visit to the Torreon Fitness Center which offers the latest fitness equipment and it’s a cool way to visit with other residents in the community.
  • Pool: Torreon’s swimming pool and spa area is just the place to take a relaxing dip or play with the kids and then enjoy s’mores around the fire pit. The pool spot features a walk-up bar serving snacks, cocktails and refreshing ice cream. 
  • Torreon Grille: Offering plenty of refreshing adult beverages and mouthwatering classic American fare, the grille is open to the public making it a great pick for members or friends to revive on a warm afternoon.

In addition to chilling inside the community, Show Low and the surrounding White Mountains offer plentiful picks for summer cool downs.  

  1. Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area: Located just a few miles from Show Low, Fool Hollow Lake offers a beautiful setting for fishing, boating, and picnicking. You can also explore the hiking trails or relax on the sandy beach.
    Location: 1500 N. Fool Hollow Lake, Show Low, about 5 miles from Torreon
  1. Show Low City Park: This park features a large pond where you can rent paddleboats or feed the ducks. It also has picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking paths, making it a great spot for a family outing.
    Location: 751 S. Clark Road, Show Low, about 4 miles from Torreon
  1. Show Low Historical Society Museum: Take a break from the outdoors and delve into the history of Show Low at this museum. Learn about the area's heritage, pioneers, and local artifacts.
    Location: 561 East Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, about 4 miles from Torreon
  1. Hon-Dah Resort Casino: Located on the nearby White Mountain Apache Reservation, Hon-Dah Resort Casino offers gaming, live entertainment, dining, and a hotel. It's a popular destination for those seeking some indoor entertainment.
    Location: 777 highway AZ-260, Pinetop, about 15 miles from Torreon
  1. White Mountain Nature Center: Explore the diverse flora and fauna of the White Mountains at this nature center. They offer educational exhibits, nature trails, and guided walks to learn about the local ecology. Meet owls named Simon and Garfunkel and other amazing species at the Raptor Show. 
    Location: 425 S. Woodland Road, Pinetop-Lakeside, about 12 miles from Torreon
  1. Sunrise Park Resort: About a 45-minute drive from Show Low, Sunrise Park Resort offers various outdoor activities during the summer. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, and scenic chairlift rides.
    Location: 200 Highway 273, Greer, about 45 miles from Torreon
  1. Petrified Forest National Park: While not in Show Low itself, Petrified Forest National Park is worth a visit if you're willing to drive a bit farther. Marvel at the stunning petrified wood and explore the unique landscape and ancient ruins.
    Location: Off U.S. 180, about 65 miles from Torreon

During warm weather, remember to listen to your body and take breaks if you start feeling too hot or fatigued. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, wear lightweight clothing and use sunscreen. Heat-related illnesses can be serious, so it's essential to prioritize your health and well-being in during warm spring or summer afternoons. 

The activities listed above are just a few options to consider for summer activities in and around Show Low. Remember to check opening hours, fees, and any seasonal restrictions before visiting each location.

Located just three hours from Phoenix in Show Low, Ariz., Torreon is a luxury golfing community nestled in the White Mountains. It offers convenience, world-class recreation and amenities for the entire family. Offering everything from a sprawling outdoor pool, expansive fitness center to award-winning food at Torreon Grille as well as a family and game center, fishing pond and endless trails throughout the community, every member or guest is sure to enjoy time at Torreon. Learn more at

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