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5 Tips to Safely Kayak in the White Mountains 

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Kayaking is a versatile water activity and is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family while exploring nature from a new point of view. In the White Mountains of Arizona, near Torreon, you can rent kayaks to enjoy the open water in the morning or afternoon. As you start to paddle and explore you will see sites of nature and wildlife, so grab a group of your closest friends and family and paddle your way around the beautiful White Mountain Lakes. 

  1. Where to go:  Popular lakes include Fool Hollow Lake about 5 miles from Torreon, Show Low Lake about 8 miles from Torreon, White Mountain Lakes Estates about 17 miles from Torreon, Scotts Reservoir Lake about 12 miles from Torreon and Rainbow Lake about 11 miles away. Torreon does not rent kayaks, but many establishments close to the Torreon community do. 
  1. What is available: Single or double kayaks are available, with room for small collapsible, cooler/lunch totes, and all safety gear is provided. You can bring personal items if you would like to take pictures on the water, snacks, and any other necessities you may need while afloat. These are small lakes that take about an hour to kayak, so it costs approximately $20 an hour for a single and $25 for a double.
  2. Wear a Lifejacket: Typically, lifejackets are provided free of charge when you rent. If not pick-up a coast guard approved life jacket at your nearest sporting goods store and keep it on and buckled the whole time to ensure your safety. 
  3. Take a Buddy: Bring a friend with you and share your plan and tell someone else where you plan to paddle and when you should be back. This helps to keep you safe in case you may be in danger then someone can alert the authorities. Before you leave, check on the expected weather conditions and water temperature. Never mix alcohol with boating excursions and bring a spare paddle. 
  4. Have Fun: Kayaking is nothing but fun and relaxing. Paddle around while observing the beautiful nature, wildlife, and lake activities. Stop for a moment and lean back and gaze at the gorgeous sky above and the stillness of the water. Have fun and be safe on your Kayaking adventure. 

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