Tower Course

Mountain golf is at its best on the Tower course at Torreon and nowhere will you find a more competitive, yet relaxing round of golf. The often-used adage, "build it and they will come,” resonates with Torreon Golf Club. It didn’t take very long for noted golf course architects Robert von Hagge, Mike Smelek and Richard Baril, to realize that they had found something special in the higher elevation of northern Arizona. "Initially, it was not typical of Arizona courses,” said Smelek. "The Ponderosa pines were simply magnificent and the overall nature of the property with the lakes and ravines were spectacular. We could not have asked for a better piece of land to work with.” As Mother Nature provided the ultimate blueprint for the Tower course, the design team realized that Torreon was a family-driven community where emphasis should be placed on playability and not difficulty. What was created is a thing of beauty. Immaculately-groomed fairways with strategically placed bunkers throughout the 18 holes, offering a challenging, yet forgiving layout. One of the Tower course’s signature looks is the deft utilization of rock outcroppings, mostly fronting a large portion of the greens at Torreon. There is also wide usage of vertical edges on the greens, making some pin placements particularly tricky. As defined by the topography of the land, many of the homes that neighbor the Tower course are situated above the golf holes providing a terracing look that lends itself to an amphitheater-type feel and setting.


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