Torreon Instruction

by Don Person, Director of Instruction

Four keys to focus on in a golf swing to allow you to achieve maximum performance:

1: A relatively level steady head; this keeps all of your levels throughout the swing.
2: A consistent radius in your lead arm; this creates a consistent arc in your swing and maximizes the lever system in your arms.
3: Most importantly, the tempo of your transition from backswing to forward swing; all great players start slow from the top and this allows the sequencing of your downswing correctly.  It also creates a repeating swing plane to impact.
4: A statue like balanced finish; this finish is a product of the first 3 keys; it also will let you know if your speed is in control. Poor balance has no place in a golf swing, work hard at these 4 things and I'm sure your golf swing will improve!

Every great player has a VIVID imagination that enables him to see shots coming off well before he/she plays them.  

The following mental exercise will tell you how good your imagination is and will help you improve on it.  Close your eyes and picutre that you are faced with a 30 yard pitch shot over a steep faced bunker.  Visualize hitting a great shot that ends about 3 feet from the hole.  Now, ask yourself these questions:

  1.  How high did the shot fly or what was the trajectory?

  2. How many bounces did the ball take when it landed on the green?

  3. Were you able to visualize everything in "real time?"

Golf is a game of pictures.  You MUST be detailed about every shot before you can fully commit to it.  Practice this focus and imagination and it will transfer to the course and assist in those situations then next time you are faced with them!

Did you know uneven lies can actually be used to find swing fixes!

Example: Jim struggles with slicing the ball from an open clubface position in his golf swing.  Due to this, he begins to compensate for the open clubface by swinging to the left with a very vertical downswing, also referred to as swinging "over the top."

Swing Fix: The first thing Jim needs to do is fix his grip to ensure that he is squaring the clubface in his swinging motion.  Next we would have Jim practice swinging at sidehill lie shots in which the golf ball would be "above his feet."  This will give Jim the feeling and encourage him to flatten his swing and get on the correct swing plane and away from the vertical, "over the top" move.  In time, Jim will groove a golf swing that has a square clubface and swing plane that compliments that club face.   

Torreon has the privelage of having one of the top Instructors in the state, Don Person.  Don has 27 years of teaching experience, and has accumulated 50,000 hours of private lesson experience. Don has been the Assistant Director of a Top 25 Golf Magazine golf school, and is the Southwest Director of Instruction of Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools.

Torreon also offers several other teaching pro's, consisting of 2 PGA members, and 2 PGA Apprentice.


All Lessons are by Appointment Only

Please call the Golf Shop (928-532-4653) to book a lesson with any of the instructors

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